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Nicholas Berdyaev

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The late Fr. Stephen Janos (June 19, 1947 - August 7, 2021) first established the Berdyaev Online Bibliotek Library in April of 1999. The site quickly became known as one of the leading sources for English-language translations of the books and articles of noted Russian philosopher Nicholas Berdyaev.


After Fr. Steve’s passing in 2021, the original site,, was misappropriated by an online gambling group. This current site,, has been designated as the official new home of Fr. Janos' work, and much like the original site will endeavor to serve as a

focal point and open forum for the study, discussion and translation of all aspects of Berdyaev's thought. Furthermore, it will attempt to serve as a resource for the securing of textual materials and a center for relationships between Berdyaev scholars.

The late Fr. Janos’ son, Andrew, plus Moscow-based Berdyaev scholar, Sofia Androsenko (Софья Андросенко), and American musician, author and marketing executive, Tom Willett, along with an emergent board of directors and advisors, are committed to further engaging in the important common task of preserving the 100s of articles and books translated by Fr. Steve as well as sharing the profound insights of N.A. Berdyaev.

The Board of

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