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The mission of is to support all aspects of the late Russian philosopher's thought and work, with a special emphasis on the study and translation of his dozens of books and hundreds of articles. Our hope is to continue the work of Eugenia Rapp, Donald A. Lowrie, Fr. Stephen Janos, Dirk Kelder, Yakov Krotov and the original Paris-based society (1948) in support of the institutions, scholars and researchers who study his work.








Board of Advisors (TBA)

How You Can Help is a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, and as such your cash donations are tax deductible. Inquiries:

Tom Willett
Sofia Androsenko (Софья Андросенко)

Tom Willett

Board Secretary

Musician, author, entertainment industry entrepreneur and educator, Tom Willett, brings a lifetime of experience to helping artists, authors and executives discover and develop their creativity in both their professional and personal lives. Tom is the author of 6 books including Creativity Will Save the World, and lives with his wife, Julie, and cat, Ellie, in Tennessee, USA.

Andrew Janos

Sofia Androsenko

Board Vice-Chair and


Sofia Vadimovna Androsenko is a journalist and Press Secretary at St. Philaret’s Institute (Moscow). While completing her Doctorate in Philosophy at Moscow State University, Sofia organizes events such as "Tea with Berdyaev," "The Philosophical Steamship: Seven Passengers," and the upcoming 100-year anniversary celebration of the founding of The Russian Student Christian Movement.

Andrew Janos

Board Chair

Utilizing his advanced degree focused on Nonprofit Management and over 20 years engaging the nonprofit community, Andrew has embraced this initiative that will aid in maintaining his father's (Fr. Stephen Janos) legacy of promoting the works of Nicholas Berdyaev. Andrew lives in Northern Virginia, USA with his wife and two children.

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